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2010 Youth Achievement Point Sheet

Please refer to the Competition Year 2010 rules for this category.

Name of Youth Member ___________________________ Age as of January 1, 2010: ___________

Name of Horse (if applicable. Please remember a horse is not necessary for this category, but if one is used, it

must be a Morgan.) _____________________________

• General rules apply to this award where noted (please see rules).
• Participants must less than 18 years old as of January 1, 2010
If you were 17 years old or younger on January 1, 2010, you are eligible for this category.
• For activities with a horse, any horse used must be a Morgan. Exception: if a non-Morgan is used in clinics / workshops / field days / seminars, audit points will be earned.
• A membership card for 2010 will provide sufficient evidence of membership in a club.
• An event official or event host must attest to participation in activities by signing below.
• This form must be sent to the scoring chairman and postmarked within three (3) weeks of your event.
• Please include such things as clinic information sheets, copies of your pathways certificates, copies of your AMHAY Horsemastership certificates, etc.

Please describe your Event/Activity below and calculate your points referring to the

Youth Achievement Section of the Year End Award Rules for number of points.

Date of: ______________________ Points earned: __________________

Name of Event/Activity______________________________


Signature of Official from Event or Activity __________________________________________________

Please mail this completed form *within three weeks* of the Event or Activity to:

Lyn Leigers, YEA Points Chair

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